Banquet Invitations + Scholarship Information

Invitations to the 2018 NHHJA banquet have been mailed. You also can download an invitation from our Banquet page. Please RSVP and buy your tickets as soon as you can! Tickets are $45/adult and $35/children under 12. Ticket prices increase after December 22, 2018.

NHHJA members who are college bound and those in college are invited to apply for one of two scholarships that will be awarded at the banquet. Details about the scholarship criteria and how to apply also are available on the Banquet page. Scholarship submissions are due by midnight December 15, 2018.

And so it begins...

Welcome everyone to the Spring Show at our new venue! It was a great day to move in and warm up. We hope everyone has a terrific time.


In other news, we added the updated Rulebook to our website along with info on a new simplified point system for year-end awards. Check them out when you have some time.

Spring Show News

We are getting excited for our Spring Show and hope everyone has submitted their stall reservations and orders for hay and shavings.

Just a few reminders: For those of you who missed the May 4 deadline for submitting entries, there is still time to do so, but please note there will be a $25 post entry fee. Same with stalls, if you missed the May 4 deadline, you may still be able to get a stall, but the fee is slightly higher now - $165 for the weekend. You are welcome to start arriving at the show grounds with your horses at 3:00 pm on Thursday, May 10, but there will be an early fee charge of $15. Warm ups will run all day Friday, May 11, beginning at 10:00 am.

Now, after getting all that business out of the way, we are so looking forward to a fun filled show to open our season.  We look forward to seeing all of you!