Points are Posted - Time for NH Finals

NH Points and Medal Points are posted. Note that those in Red on the Medals points are qualified for Finals.

  • NH Finals information is going up. Note that for the regular pleasure, equitation, jumper and hunter classes will be pointed for Year End Awards.

  • Class Pricing Info - $30 Regular classes and Leadline and Walk/Trot; $35 for Jumper, Stake and Championship classes; $35 Team Challenge; $40 for Eaton Berube and Stone Pony; $60 for 18” Derby; and $75 for Jumper Classics and Derbies (2’3”, 2’6” and 3’) and Medal Classes .

Banquet Invitations + Scholarship Information

Invitations to the 2018 NHHJA banquet have been mailed. You also can download an invitation from our Banquet page. Please RSVP and buy your tickets as soon as you can! Tickets are $45/adult and $35/children under 12. Ticket prices increase after December 22, 2018.

NHHJA members who are college bound and those in college are invited to apply for one of two scholarships that will be awarded at the banquet. Details about the scholarship criteria and how to apply also are available on the Banquet page. Scholarship submissions are due by midnight December 15, 2018.

And so it begins...

Welcome everyone to the Spring Show at our new venue! It was a great day to move in and warm up. We hope everyone has a terrific time.


In other news, we added the updated Rulebook to our website along with info on a new simplified point system for year-end awards. Check them out when you have some time.